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How to Snake a Clogged Drain the Easy Way

2/19/2022 (Permalink)

Image of a clogged drain Contact a professional to avoid further damage from a clogged drain.

A clogged pipe can be a real hassle, especially when it affects the drain in a bathroom or kitchen sink. However, aside from the annoyance of slow draining water, a clog can lead to much larger issues, like a pipe break. There is no reason you have to struggle with a minor clog. Using an auger or drain snake, you can loosen and break apart the clog, allowing the water to flow freely, and protecting your pipes against future wear.
Despite the ease of using an auger, some clogs will be too far into the pipe, requiring a professional plumber in Sandy, UT. Professionals are typically required in instances of:

  • Pipe collapse
  • Root growth
  • Sewer line problems

What Is a Blocked Drain?

A clogged drain is defined as an obstruction that slows down the flow of water and reduces the water pressure that goes into the drain pipes. While clogs are often caused by natural factors (e.g., food, leaves, and debris blocking the pipes), they can also be caused by neglect, poor maintenance, or failure to follow the general best practices in house maintenance.
In most cases, the clog is located near the affected drain. When the blockage is close to the drain, a simple tool, such as an auger, is the best way to eliminate the blockage and free up a stopped drain.
Do not use drain cleaners or other harsh chemicals to free a blockage. Using chemicals can damage the pipes. Additionally, using multiple chemicals can cause adverse reactions, like eruptions in the pipe.

How To Snake a Blocked Drain

Manual augers or snakes are affordable tools for clearing away blockages. The tool consists of a coiled wire with a twisted head.
You will insert the head of the snake into the drain, slowly pushing it deeper and deeper. When you reach the first bend, twist the handle in a circular motion to rotate the wire. Move the auger back and forth until it navigates the bend. Then continue pushing the auger into the pipe. When you reach the clog, turn the handle again, pushing back and forth until you feel the wire clear the clog.

When Do You Need To Call a Plumber?

Most manual augers only reach a depth of 25 feet. If you do not feel a clog after fully extending the auger, you might need to contact a plumber because the blockage is likely further in the system.
Additionally, you will want to contact a plumber if you have broken up the clog and your drain is still blocked. If your pipe is still blocked, it likely indicates a problem further in the line.
Professional plumbers have the tools necessary to assess and reach deep clogs. While you can purchase these tools, the expense does not often justify the DIY approach.

A clogged pipe is a nuisance. Using a manual auger or snake is usually enough to resolve most home drainage issues. However, there are instances when blockages deeper in the system or other problems are causing the current issues. Contact a professional for assistance when you are dealing with an unknown issue and have tried the simple solution.

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